Ryan Lead Guitar      Bart Drums    Max Vocals      Mac Bass        Martyn Guitar 

The seeds for a hard & heavy, high octane rock band were sown in January 2010 when drummer Bart (Johnny fucken Rod) hooked up with bass player Mac and guitar wizard Ryan (a.k.a. Randy Feline). The trio set upon a challenging mission - to put together a band that would ROCK LIKE HELL!!! The first jam sessions/rehearsals soon followed at Blue Barn Studios in Little Downham.

But still the missing pieces needed to be added...

A campaign of advertising on the net and in music studios around Cambridge brought in rythm guitarist Martyn who auditioned and secured his place in the band. With him came experience and sanity (so to speak) much needed by a somewhat reckless trio.

Somewhere along the way the name DEGENERATOR emerged. The writing and composing of original material continued but DEGENERATOR was missing a key ingredient - a frontman.

Attempts to recruit a ballsy, charismatic, melodic singer dragged on for months - until early July when rhythm section Mac and Bart, during one of the bands typical boozy nights out discovered Max (a.k.a. Max Decadence). Max came along, auditioned and proved to be the heaven sent singer. With his vocal ability and style he fitted perfectly into DEGENERATOR. The line up was complete...

Rehearsals then lasted another couple of months.

On September 11th the crew entered Blue Barn Studios and recorded a demo/mini album under the watchful eye (and ear) of Chris Taylor (producer/sound engineer). The recording of THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL...AND THIS IS WHAT WE DO! has been now unleashed!

The first chapter of Degeneratorís history has been ROCKy - letís hope the future is going to be even ROCKIER!!! With that in mind it's time to kick some ass!!!



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